Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jaquizzi Chapter XXXI

Start of a new season in Jaquizzi could not have been better. Both the quizmasters for the event pulled in the attention of the entire audience with their well researched questions.

Prateek Khandelwal - Entertainment Quiz
Kushal Shah - Business and Politics Quiz

Shakti Kavia's Team - Shakti, Ankit, Mridul, Shailesh, Surya

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finance and Economy Quiz - Jaipuria Institute of Mangement

The Finance and Economy Club of Jaipuria Institute of Management organised a National Level Quiz today. More than 70 teams (four member each) battled for the top spots on the stage. It was commendable efforts by the event organisation team of Jaipuria to be able to generate such enthusiastic response from all colleges in and around Jaipur. Kudos to them!

The Quiz Master for the event was Avinash Maurya, who took special care that questions are asked from diverse fields relating to Finance and Economy. The quiz went to the wire and ultimately the winner was decided in the last round - Rapid Fire.

We hope more colleges take a clue from this event and initiate more such 'Battle of the Brains'.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Questions - Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014 (Jaipur)

Here are the questions that were witnessed by more than 100 teams in Jaipur at this years Tata Crucible Campus Quiz. We felt the standard of questions in prelims was better compared to last few years. The connection round in the finals had some nice questions too. The nail biting finish to the quiz made the event even more exciting for the audience.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Jaquizzi Chapter XXIX

As the big battle is coming closer the intensity in the competition is reaching its peak. The mock battle for the upcoming Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014 - Jaipur edition took place in this chapter. The participants seemed well prepared and up for a healthy competition.
All the best everyone!
QM- Anubhav Jain

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Jaquizzi Chapter XXVIII

The first half of the chapter today was mainly focused on the upcoming Tata Crucible Campus Edition and so the questions were completely business oriented. However, one feels there is an under-current in the club to do something new and change the format a bit just to make things interesting. The club needs to diversify its knowledge base and the efforts has to come from us only. In this light, the second quiz was designed entirely to touch the much ignored topics of our quizzes and yet not be totally stranger its participants.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jaquizzi on Tata Crucible YT Channel

Genpact Team - Shakti Singh Kavia ...
Management School Team - Leena Piplani ...
Maurya Learning Pvt. Ltd. - Avinash Maurya and Aditya Sharma

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jaquizzi Chapter XXVII

This Republic Day bought a special treat for all of us in Jaipur Quiz Club.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jaquizzi Chapter XXVI

In this whole process of scaling up and spreading a cause or culture (in our case), we often forget the contributions of a person or a event that opens up doors to many more new things to emerge. That person in all his modesty almost never stands up and shout out his achievements probably because he never sets out to do the same in the first place. One such person is Anubhav Jain of Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur. Anubhav has been responsible for introducing and spread the quizzing culture in his college. Taking time out from his busy schedule in college Anubhav prepared and conducted a wonderful business quiz today. Most of the questions were workable and hence everyone enjoyed cracking the questions. The quiz ended with everyone giving special round of applause to the quiz master. Great work Anubhav!

Winners: Sunil Tyagi, Himanshu Chopra, Manik Sharma and team

P.S. while going through the slides, read the interesting names of the rounds.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Jaquizzi Chapter XXV

Jaquizzi completed its 25th chapter and surely it is a cause for celebration! 

We took this opportunity to recollect the contributions and journey of some of the veterans of Jaquizzi. As said in Chapter XVIII - In this book titled Jaquizzi, we have seen many characters play their parts. We have seen people come and go, chapter after chapter. Some got to say more and some less. However, the story of Jaquizzi continues to takes it own twists and turns. 

The 25th chapter turned out to be one of the lengthy quizzes of Jaquizzi. Three quiz masters, Kushal Shah, Himanshu Chopra and Sunil Tyagi took their time out to prepare and conduct the quiz at LNMIIT, which has become the home ground for Jaquizzi thanks the love of everyone there for the culture. It was great to see the old and new generations of jaquizziers come together at this chapter. Sunil Tyagi, who also conducted the first ever Jaquizzi back in early 2010, was as poised and confident about his knowledge as he was then. He asked questions from history of things while the newcomers had currents affairs in their slides. 

Overall, everybody had fun and lots of cake!

Winners - Shakti Singh Kavia, Smriti, Saumya, Sidhharth, Ashish, Anjali, Arushi

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jaquizzi Chapter XXIV

This was a perfect start to the new season of Jaquizzi after the summer back. The India quiz prepared by Annanya Johari had all the right ingredients in the right balance to lay the seeds of the quizzing culture in this year's newbies of LNMIIT.

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