Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jaquizzi Chapter XXVI

In this whole process of scaling up and spreading a cause or culture (in our case), we often forget the contributions of a person or a event that opens up doors to many more new things to emerge. That person in all his modesty almost never stands up and shout out his achievements probably because he never sets out to do the same in the first place. One such person is Anubhav Jain of Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur. Anubhav has been responsible for introducing and spread the quizzing culture in his college. Taking time out from his busy schedule in college Anubhav prepared and conducted a wonderful business quiz today. Most of the questions were workable and hence everyone enjoyed cracking the questions. The quiz ended with everyone giving special round of applause to the quiz master. Great work Anubhav!

Winners: Sunil Tyagi, Himanshu Chopra, Manik Sharma and team

P.S. while going through the slides, read the interesting names of the rounds.


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