Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bismillah !!

BrainChild of Ravi Handa (Ibu Hatela ) as we call him with love, the Jaipur Quiz Club or JaQuizzi (indeed a cheeky one...and who else other than myself the conciever of this name) kicks off consisting of the following permanent members:
Ravi Handa,Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar (Gyaniz blog wale and last two years' Jaipur Crucible Corporate edition winner),Dr. Nimesh(rehab specialist :P),Praveen Mishra (Bade Bhaiya..popular for his Praveenism),Kumar Mayur Sinha,Sunil Tyagi and Ankit Soni (mai aur kaun!).
Handa's house the obvious place for meets .

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