Monday, October 25, 2010

Jaquizzi Chapter XII

Quizmaster: Arkadev Ghoshal
Winner: Ravi Handa & Praveen Mishra
Teams: Shakti Singh and Arvind Kadia, Ashish Mishra & Rohit Iyer, Ravi Handa & Praveen Mishra, Avinash Maurya & Harshit Nahar , Kamal Bhargav & Vidhu Kosla, Kumar Vaibhav Tanwar & Mohit Tambi

Round 1 and 2:

Answers for Round 1 & 2

Round 3

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Answers Round 3

a1. voice of rahul dev burman (RD)
a2. theme music from thiruda thiruda (chor chor in hindi). composer is AR Rahman.
a3. the song uses no musical instruments, that is the answer! the song is rhydhun, album of same name. album by shankar mahadevan, zaqkir hussain and taufiq qureshi.
a4. bengali lyrics by rabindranath tagore! film is bose, the forgotten hero.
a5. questuion changed. but this one is ruku's room, a piece composed by satyajit ray. used in the darjeeling limited.
a5. alternative. link is question was, who is the composer. answer is shantanu moitra. he won a national award for it.
a6. hazaaron khwahishein aisi. original lyerics by mirza ghalib.
a7. question changed.
a7. alternative question. connect the two songs at and answer: both OST the matrix.
a8. AR rahman's voice and composition. the occasion was the voting for the seven wonders of the world! this was for the taj mahal.
a9. music composition credits go to sanjay leela bhansali.
a10. voice of ustaad sultan khan.
a11. used in the film Lovve Sex Aur Dhokha. original song by kailash kher. album: chaandan mein
a12. the song is set me free, album of same name. band is 'roots'. most illustrious member is AR Rahman!
a13. once again, music composed by satyajit ray, but for a non-bengali film. answer is shakespearewallah.
a14. film is atithi tum kab jaoge.
a15. television serial opening credits. answer is the real adventures of johnny quest.
a16. voice is of osho rajneesh.
a17. all three songs are inspired by lyrics by baba bulle shah.
a18. male voice is of ashutosh gowarikar himself! film is swades.


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