Friday, March 18, 2011

Tata Crucible Campus '11 - Jaipur Edition

By: Sunil Tyagi & Avinash Maurya


1. What is the full form of MCX?
2. Which celebrity endorses a perfume named ‘S Square’?
3. The group has its origins in Bikaner, Rajasthan where its organization’s founder, Mr. Gangabishan Agarwal ran the sweet shop. The brand?

4.  Identify.

5.  What was formed on 23 Feb, 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago?
6.  A Funskool toy is a division of which company in India?
7.  What was formed – South Penn Oil, a former Standard Oil subsidiary and Zapata Oil?
8. Richest Indian women in the world?

9.   Poppin Fresh, ad icon & mascot FMCG company?
10.   Amitabh Bachchan lends his voice to which product in 2009?
11.   Which tennis star owns a line of designer apparel called ‘Aners’?
12.   MD of a media channel in India. Identify
13.   He is the chairman of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India, a charitable trust that initiates, supports and runs non-formal one teacher schools. Who?
14.   Who makes Blackberry phones?
15.   Who founded super cassette Industries ltd.?
16.   Identify.

17.   Aromco is the state owned national which country?
18.   Who owns Mumbai Trident hotel?
19.   His name is Liam, which company icon is he?
20.   Identify
Wild card:
1. Suzuki Fiero was the first Indian bike to bring which feature?
2. Which cricketer endorses Cannon camera?
3.  Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing – which company?
4.  Name Japan’s stock exchange?
5.  Who issues Business Line?
6.  Who owns Gateway?
7. What was Air Deccan renamed after acquisition?
8. Full form of FICCI?


Round 1:
1. What is Muscle copy in advertising?
2.  What is CopWeb Marketing in internet?
3.  What is a slug in relation to ATM?
4.  Venky Mysore country head of Sun Life insurance became the CEO of which enterprise in Sept., 2010?
5.  This skin-care brand with origins in South Africa decided to not use a particular part from its name because they felt it would adversely affect their sales. The origin of the brand is derived from the root word lanolin. Which brand?
6.  The name was derived from a London based pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome & Co. It was an 1884 trademark for making compressed pharmaceutical products. This word is now widely used in the world of media?

7. Identify

8. Identify the person

9. Identify

10. Identify the technology

11. Identify the painter

12. Identify the logo old.

TATA Round:

1. "Move on' is the punchline for?
2. Which airline did Tata's buy stake in?
3. Raga is a brand by?
4. Name the headquarters of Tatas?

Connect round and 3 Clues Round are in video format...

Watch the entire quiz HERE


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