Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jaquizzi Chapter XXII

I think it won't be early to say that Jaipur is going through a change is its thinking. I mean, I see more people with positive attitude towards new ideas. People behind The Happy Store, our venue for this jaquizzi, are one of those new wave Jaipurites who welcomes the unknown.
It took me just a call to book the venue for this meet and that too just a couple of days before. The hospitality from Swati Jain ma'am (co-owner of the shop) was heart felt. Thanks everyone at The Happy Store for all the help.

This Jaquizzi had a specific purpose - to conduct a mock drill for Tata Crucible Jaipur on 8th March 2013. We can proudly say that there can't be a better preparation for Tata Crucible than this.
Kudos to Shakti Singh Kavia & Avinash Maurya (for connect round) for the best possible quiz before the THE day.

Winner - Vaibhav Dwivedi and team

- Avinash Maurya

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