Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chapter VI

Quizmaster : Praveen Mishra
Winner:Sunil Tyagi and Ashish Mishra
Teams :Ravi Handa and Avinash Maurya,Ankit Soni and Mohit Tambi,Sunil Tyagi and Ashish Mishra,Nirmal Soni and Surya mohan,Lokesh Yadav and shakti singh kavia,Mukesh Sharma and team.


  1. It was a great show at jaquizzi this time, and the credit goes to praveen mishra for creating such a wonderful quiz. Neck to neck competition was between the teams of Ravi Handa, Sunil Tyagi & Ankit Soni, finally tyagi won the quiz..

  2. hi praveen...thanx for this amazing quiz !!


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