Monday, November 14, 2011

Jaquizzi Chapter XVIII

This chapter rather took longer to come. Nevertheless, it came with a hope that Jaquizzi is surviving, if not thriving.

In this book titled Jaquizzi, we have seen many characters play their parts. We have seen people come and go, chapter after chapter. Some got to say more and some less. However, the story of jaquizzi continues to takes it own twists and turns.

As I conduct my third quiz in Jaquizzi (chp 18), I turn the old pages of various Jaquizzi chapters and realise that I am just playing my part, blissfully unaware of how long I get to tag myself in this story.

Here is what got presented...

QM: Avinash Maurya

My experience (as share of facebook)-
ye lo

Yesterday's event was a Woow! More real connections were made amongst people, the joy of sharing knowledge was experienced and the fun of quizzing prevailed. Jaquizzi came alive in each of those moments...

On it's 18th chapter, Jaquizzi has taken its biggest leap till now.
A biiiig thanks to The LNMIIT-Quiz Club for coming up in big numbers
- Avinash Maurya

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